We will no longer be able to travel with the same degree of flexibility as we used to. In recent months, people have become accustomed to staying in their localities and are eager to travel once again. In this article, we will share some tips with you when it comes to planning a visit to Orlando and the changes that have been made since Disney World reopened. We want to help you become an expert on your trip because it is a whole new world in and around the parks.

In the age of the “new normal,” here are your four great tips for your next trip to Disney World or Orlando.

1- Be familiar with the government’s restrictions in and outside of Florida.

First and foremost, you should be aware of government restrictions regarding entry and exit from Florida. Travel has undergone many changes in recent years. Travel restrictions are different from state to state. You should be aware that several states require quarantine following a visit to Florida, so make sure you research this before you leave.

Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the ordinances and health regulations in the counties you will be visiting. Currently, Orange County, Florida (where Disney World is located) requires visitors to wear face masks. Please ensure you follow local regulations.

2- Disinfection

According to authorities, hotels and limousine companies pose a particular threat in times of crisis since several people from different parts of the country use them. A limousine service often caters to a variety of clients during the course of the day. This is why it is important to ask limousine companies how often their vehicles are disinfected. In Orlando LUX, our drivers are screened daily for temperature, our vehicles are routinely sanitized with Clorox and other disinfectants, and our chauffeurs wear masks while driving customers to their destinations.

Additionally, hotels are frequented by guests from all over the world. Housekeeping and other guests arrive in the hotel room before you. In general, it is advisable to disinfect the room prior to entering it. Although the hotels have taken many precautions, we ask you to pack enough supplies upon your arrival. Don’t forget to bring disinfecting wipes and baggies for things you do not want to touch (such as telephones or remote controls).

You’ll feel much more comfortable in your room if you have your own stash of cleaning supplies. Clean your room every night when visiting parks. You’d be better off separating any clothing, shoes, and gear you had with you during the day once you get to your room to prevent contamination.

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3- Do not forget to wear a comfortable mask!

This is extremely important. You will be walking quite a bit in the parks. It is important that you and your children wear masks that are comfortable for you. There is nothing worse than having halfway through your Disney day to discover that your ears are sore from the elastic straps, or that your mask has a strange odor or feel after being in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. The masks require a continuous flow of oxygen.

In case your children lose their masks in the park or if the masks’ strings become loose, be sure to carry extra masks in your bags.

4- Explore all of Orlando’s outdoor dining options!

Whether you are in a park or mall or plan to visit a restaurant, make sure you are aware of the best outdoor dining options. Dining outdoors is considered to be safer by the CDC as compared to dining in a closed area. If you want to minimize the risk of an illness, grab a meal on a patio.